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Whiskey Stones 8 Stones Set

Looking for whiskey stones to quickly chill your spirits without dilution? Here is the best whiskey stone available on the market in terms of quality/price ratio!

Enjoy the rich flavor of your favorite spirit at the ideal temperature for sipping with the Royal Reserve whiskey stone set. No more dilution from ice cubes. Stored in an elegant wooden tray, this whiskey stone set is a must-have for whiskey enthusiasts and those who appreciate a perfectly chilled drink.

Impress your guests with the elegance of the Royal Reserve whiskey stone set. Made from 100% natural wood and stones, it adds a touch of sophistication to any bar. Suitable for a variety of drinks, it's perfect for housewarming parties and makes for excellent apartment decor. A dream come true for whiskey lovers!

These whiskey stones are the barware to add to your equipment to enhance the enjoyment of your spirits!

Acheter Maintenant !

PRICE : 11$