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Boston Dublin Crystal Shakers - Redefining Elegance in Mixology

The Boston shaker from the Dublin Crystal collection is a stylish and elegant addition to your bar collection. It seamlessly combines stainless steel and lead-free crystal, making it a statement piece for any mixologist. Whether you're crafting cocktails, martinis, or any other drink, do it with unparalleled flair.

Key Features:

This set includes a 26 oz stainless steel cup and a 12 oz crystal cup, offering the perfect balance between durability and sophistication.

Experience the trusted craftsmanship of Godinger, a renowned brand for handcrafted silver, crystal, and alternative metal items since 1973.

Ideal for special occasions like weddings and festive gatherings, this Boston shaker adds a touch of class to your mixology repertoire.

Available at leading retailers in the United States and Canada, it is accessible to cocktail enthusiasts from all walks of life.

Elevate your mixology art with the Boston shaker from the Dublin Crystal collection, where style meets substance. It's not just a shaker; it's a work of art designed for those who appreciate the finer things in life.

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