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Ice Cube Trays / 4 Large Clear Ice Cubes

Best Ice Cube Trays - 4 Clear Cubes

Looking for ice cubes as beautiful as your cocktails? Discover the True Cubes ice cube tray, the ultimate accessory for perfectly transparent cubic ice cubes that will enhance the aesthetics of your favorite drinks.

Perfect Ice Cubes Every Time

Voted the best transparent ice cube mold by America's Test Kitchen, the True Cubes ice cube tray allows you to effortlessly create perfectly transparent ice cubes at home. Simply fill the tray with water and freeze for 18 to 22 hours to produce four large, crystal-clear cubic ice cubes.

Ingenious Design for Easy Use

The ice cube tray's lid makes it easy to transport the tray from the sink to your freezer without spilling water everywhere. With True Cubes, worries about leaks and spills during filling and freezing are a thing of the past.

Revolutionary Freezing Technology

Mimicking the natural freezing process, True Cubes produces transparent ice cubes without the need for special tools or additives. Just open the tap, wait patiently, and use exceptionally clear ice cubes to elevate your favorite cocktails.

Take Your Cocktails to a New Level of Elegance with True Cubes

Don't settle for ordinary ice cubes. Choose excellence with the True Cubes ice cube tray and turn every glass into a frozen work of art. Order now and discover the difference that transparent and impeccable ice cubes can make to your cocktails.

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