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Ice Eagle Claw - Best cocktail Tools

Find the perfect ice tongs at a reasonable price on Cocktail Connexion! These ice tongs are the ideal barware to add a stylish finishing touch to your cocktails!

Crafted from stainless steel, these ice tongs are incredibly durable bar tools, ensuring long-lasting performance without deformation or rust. The polished stainless steel finish adds a touch of class to their quality.

The eagle claw design on the edge of the tongs provides a strong and secure grip, making them perfect for handling large ice cubes or ice spheres. They can also be used as food serving tongs.

Designed for convenience, these ice tongs require simple handwashing or easy dishwasher cleaning. This saves you time and effort in maintaining their cleanliness.

These tongs have a wide range of applications, from gripping ice cubes to serving sugar cubes, lemon slices, jelly, cookies, and more. Whether in a bar, kitchen, or buffet, they are a versatile tool for various tasks.

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