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Metal Glass Rinser for Kitchen Sink

Looking to have a genuine professional cocktail bar at home? You absolutely need a glass rinser as part of your bar equipment!

This sink accessory is designed to make rinsing and cleaning your cocktail glasses a breeze! The stainless steel construction of this glass rinser is robust, ensuring durability and an elegant aesthetic. Unlike chrome-plated plastics, this bar equipment offers long-lasting performance.

With its wide diameter, this cocktail glass rinser, which can be directly mounted on your sink, can effectively clean glasses of all sizes, eliminating the need to reach inside the glass. This equipment is perfect for washing baby bottles, wine glasses, sports bottles, cocktail shakers, and more.

Equipped with a non-return valve and an integrated flow regulator, this sink accessory for glass rinsing ensures a controlled water flow, perfect for efficiently cleaning your cocktail glasses!

This professional glass rinser is made for you!

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PRICE : 50 $